Every Drop Derive From The Nature Forest

100% Raw Honey

  • From pristine native forests
  • Bioactive
  • Cold filtered
  • Unprocessed

Carefully sourced from the ancient forests of Borneo. Our bees forage in this pristine wildness to produce honey unmatched in its distinctive flavour, delicious taste and powerful healing qualities.

What is it good for?

Raw honey is unpasteurised (unlike your average local shop-bought honey) which helps us to retain all the precious natural nutrients which are normally lost through heating and filtering.

No heavy metal pollution at the nectar source

Natural growth, no pesticides, fertilizers

Free of hormones and additives

Why so special?

This green honey has a considerable amount of protein, which is 4 to 6 -folds higher than some local honey and 2-fold when compared to Manuka honey.

The green honey produced is unique in flavor and color. It is believed that the chlorophyll from green algae combines with the various floral nectar of Borneo that produces green honey.

Joint venture research endeavor is undertaken between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

Green Honey nest and its nectar produce in Borneo are exclusively available only in the ancient forest. The honey is produced below the soil surface at 30-50 cm deep. The green bee has over 40 species of Agapostemon genera.

Green honey produces a unique color because the propolis in the honeycomb comes from a substance rich in chlorophyll. And chlorophyll can prevent cancer, heal wounds, care for the skin, treat acne, and help lose weight; an energy booster that can detoxify the body.

In addition, we found an abnormally large amount of trans 4-hydroxyproline in green honey. This type of protein is one of the main sources of collagen, responsible for rejuvenating, delaying wrinkles, as a wound-healing agent, and a compound in bones and teeth.

Headed by Prof. Fahrul Huyop (UTM) and his team member, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roswanira Abd. Wahab (UTM), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amir Husni Mohd Shariff (UMS) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurul Huda (UMS).

SGS Food Lab  |  Halal  | MESTI  |  Super Health Brand  |  MARDI  |  UTM Lab Test  |  ALS Food Test

National food safety, testing and certification

Adopt high-standard testing standards to eliminate substandard honey. We hope that Green Honey will give you unprecedented healing and give you another healthy and natural food to maintain your body.

Our Honey

BE39+ Green Honey (Bottle)


BE42+ Premium Green Honey (Sachet)

10g x 10 Sachet

Green Honey – Peptide Mist


Green Honey Tongkat Ali

20g x 7 tubes


From the begining

Green Honey was a Tribute to the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Nusantara during the ancient Borneo Empire. Unlike ordinary honey. Green Honey is a rare natural health essence from Borneo’s Tropical Rainforest.

These days, we’re sharing it with honey lovers throughout the world, so you get authentic Borneo Green Honey at a fair price.

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